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our values

This is what we stand for


Respect for all is our foundation, regardless of background, beliefs, or preferences.


We foster warm relationships. We support and care for each other.


Every team member brings unique value, making our work exceptional.


Our team and processes grow, ensuring scalability at every step.

Quality Assurance Processes

We prioritize quality, using well-thought-out processes to deliver exceptional results.

High Coding Standards

We adhere to the highest coding standards, crafting flawless, efficient code.


We’re driven by ambition and are always eager to grow to help our clients’ evolving needs.


Our commitment to innovation is to stay ahead of the latest standards and requirements.


We are up to date with the latest digital trends. Our extensive knowledge and experience give us the confidence to work with future technologies.

Adaptability to Changes

We are still a growing company, growing rapidly every year, and we understand the need to adapt to changing realities.

Technological Versatility

We work with various technologies, enabling the implementation of innovative solutions and keeping up with market trends.

Project tools

We use Clickup, Jira, Asana, and Slack to ensure ongoing and smooth communication.


We understand our clients’ business needs and pride ourselves in delivering on time, every time.


We set realistic expectations and goals, never promising what we can’t provide.

Fair Project Management

Every project matters, so we prioritize tasks responsibly to ensure equal importance and focus.


Our transparent approach involves keeping each team member informed about the company’s financial results, clients, and growth.


We believe in open communication, and we’re always truthful in our interactions.

Responsive Workflow

Our team quickly responds to feedback, ensuring efficient cooperation and smooth communication.

Our job offers


7 000 – 11 000 PLN/ net (on invoice)


Full time job –


Full time – Wrocław, Świętego Mikołaja 7

7 000 – 10 000 PLN net (on invoice)


full time –

10 000 – 14 000 PLN/ net (on invoice)

what our employees say

I am happy to say that my team is fully capable of producing ideas and solutions. They are a varied bunch with a lot of diverse experiences behind them, and I value that a lot.

Maciej Zawada
Team Leader

I have the chance to lead engaging projects. It’s gratifying to know that my work genuinely matters.

Natalia Tejedor
Project Manager

It’s great to work with people open to new ideas and perspectives. Every day I go to work with pleasure, and I am glad I can work with these people.

Magdalena Ślęzak
Marketing Manager