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Web Application Security

Do you need to check if your web application is secure?
Do you want to implement the highest standards of Web Application Security?

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Why does Web Application Security matter?

Strengthening Organizational Security

By focusing on Web Application Security, we protect sensitive data from breaches, ensuring operations and customer interactions remain secure and trustworthy.

Safeguarding Brand Integrity

Minimizing the risk of damaging brand reputation is essential. We improve data protection through rigorous Web Application Security practices, preserving customer trust and maintaining integrity.

Mitigating Financial Risks

Preventing financial losses through security measures is a priority. By identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities, we reduce the potential financial damage risk, ensuring your assets remain protected.

Sample Web Application Security Solutions

Cloud Migration

We enhance your application’s security by migrating systems from on-premises environments to top cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP). We configure security aids like WAF, and ensure high availability of all services.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our service integrates application monitoring and log analysis to track resource usage, identify errors, and detect unusual behavior. We supplement it with a comprehensive notification system for real-time alerts.

Code Security

We implement static and dynamic code analyses to elevate your application’s security and adhere to best practices, safeguarding against vulnerabilities and enhancing overall code quality.

Web Application Security Audit Time Track


Core Review

Our team checks your web app’s code, analyzes custom code, and identifies vulnerabilities linked to possibly outdated plugins.


Infrastructure Configuration Audit

We conduct a detailed analysis of your web server configuration and PHP settings, focusing on identifying risks associated with suboptimal settings.


Testing for Attacks and Vulnerabilities

We systematically test your application for common attacks, including parameter validation and improper encoding, and check overall resilience to known vulnerabilities.


Recommendations Report

We prepare a comprehensive report detailing the vulnerabilities found, offering code and configuration amendments and suggesting security enhancements, including vulnerability classification and impact analysis.

Web Application Security Enhancement Time Track


Threat Identification

We start by auditing our current configuration and identifying threats through Q&A sessions and risk analysis, including gray and white box audits.


Compliance Verification

After the audit, we verify compliance by analyzing the entire ecosystem of our application, including both test and production environments and the technologies used.


Planning Individual Security Processes

We customize a continuous security enhancement process based on audit findings to address current and future vulnerabilities.


Implementation of Security Solutions

We then implement the tailored security solutions, ensuring smooth integration with existing systems for optimal protection


Ongoing Monitoring and Improvement

Continuously, we monitor and improve security measures to adapt to evolving threats, maintaining solid defenses.

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