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Web Accessibility

Do you need to check if your website meets Accessibility Legal Standards?
Do you want to adjust Accessibility recommendations and plans for your portal?

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Why Does Accessibility Matter?

Legal Compliance

Accessibility regulations are becoming more stringent worldwide, especially in the public, education, and health industries. Failing to comply can lead to costly lawsuits and fines.

Enhanced Reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to digital accessibility can improve your brand’s reputation and show the world your attitude to social responsibility.

Expanded Audience

Making your digital assets accessible opens your products and services to a broader audience, including individuals with disabilities.

The Benefits Of Choosing Us For Website Accessibility Services


Our team consists of experienced accessibility professionals who stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines and regulations.

Custom Solutions

We understand that each project is unique, and we provide customized recommendations and solutions.


We work efficiently to identify and address accessibility issues, minimizing disruptions to your project timelines.

User-Centered Approach

Our usability testing ensures that your digital assets are accessible and user-friendly to people with disabilities.

Long-Term Support

We are here to help you maintain and continuously improve accessibility.


Our Web Accessibility Consultants communicate honestly and clearly with every client. You are always aware of our short—and long-term plans and actions in the project.

Website Accessibility Audit Time Track


Requirements Identification

Our team identifies specific requirements and objectives for the Accessibility Audit.
We evaluate external standards, such as the WCAG. Also, we familiarize ourselves with any internal accessibility requirements or standards your organization has to adhere to.


Automated Testing

Our testers identify common accessibility issues, such as missing alt text, improper semantic structure, and contrasting color incompatibility.
We use automated testing as an initial assessment to highlight potential problem areas.


Manual Testing

Our team meticulously reviews each digital asset, interacting with it as users with disabilities would.
We identify issues that automated tools might need to be aware of, such as complex user interface problems, keyboard navigation challenges, and the quality of alternative content.


Code Review

In this phase, we delve into the codebase of your digital assets, examining the underlying code.
We identify issues such as improper ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) implementation, non-compliant markup, and scripting errors. We check if the screen readers see your website correctly.



We compile a detailed report outlining all the accessibility issues discovered. All aspects are categorized based on severity. Each recommendation includes clear guidance on how to fix the problems. After that, we will be ready to provide programming solutions if needed.



Feedback is important to us. Thanks to it we can improve our services from month to month. Our team is available to discuss the report and answer any questions, clarifying the audit result.

Accessibility Web Development Time Track



We create detailed roadmaps based on our comprehensive audit. This step ensures a clear path towards enhancing your website’s accessibility.



Our redesign service focuses on inclusivity, ensuring your website is accessible to everyone and enhancing the user experience for a wider audience.



We adapt your website’s code to meet accessibility standards, ensuring it is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.


Responsive retesting

We conduct responsive retesting to guarantee your website remains accessible across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.



Thorough testing ensures the revamped site runs smoothly across all platforms and browsers. We fix any bugs to deliver a robust user experience.



Our all-in-one platform offers ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure your website’s accessibility efforts are sustained over time.

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