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Team Extension

Do you need an extra team member?
Are you looking for verified experts dedicated to existing projects?

Take advantage of our team extension services!

Team Augmentation provided by Ambiscale

Dedicated Developers

Need to scale up your project? We offer dedicated developers to seamlessly integrate with your team and boost your project’s efficiency.

Project Management

Are you looking for a Project Manager? Our skilled PMs are ready to steer your projects towards success, ensuring timely delivery and quality.

Fresh Perspective Testers

Enhance your project with our testers. Unfamiliar with your processes, they provide fresh insights, ensuring a thorough evaluation from a new angle.

Flexible Contracts

Our team extension services are available for multi-month contracts, with a minimum engagement of just two weeks.

Quality Team

Our team comprises experts committed to maintaining high-quality standards in every task, ensuring excellence in our work.

Fluent Communication

Language is no barrier for us. We speak fluent English, allowing us to quickly adapt and integrate into English-speaking teams.

Service Level Agreement Time Track


Project Audit

Our first step is a thorough audit of your current website. To ensure a solid foundation, we assess code quality, plugin updates, custom modifications, post-update stability, and sensitive data handling.



Following the audit, we provide a detailed valuation based on our findings. Our recommendations and estimates for changes are designed to enhance your site’s functionality and security, tailored to your needs.


Infrastructure Adjustment

We adjust your infrastructure to comply with our SLA, such as upgrading to a scalable server or implementing a firewall. These changes are aimed at enhancing your website’s security and scalability.


Web Maintenance Plan

Web Maintenance is essential for a quality SLA. Every month, we provide plugin and theme upgrades, virus removal, security measures, and development work to ensure your site remains secure, fully optimized, and up-to-date.


Incident Response Scenarios

Our team develops comprehensive incident response scenarios and establishes clear contact points. This proactive planning ensures swift and efficient handling of any issues.


Beginning SLA Care

With all preparations complete, we initiate our Service Level Agreement. Our team is now dedicated to monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing your website, providing peace of mind and continuous support.

Our Values

A few words about our values