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Mammoth Biosciences is a biotech company that develops the next generation of CRISPR products for healthcare, agriculture, environmental monitoring, biodefense, and more.






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Mammoth’s mission is to leverage CRISPR’s power to democratize disease detection by bringing accurate and affordable testing out of the laboratory and into the point of care. Recently, the company has been developing a rapid COVID-19 test designed to handle thousands of samples per day.

Mammoth’s co-founder, Jennifer Doudna, was co-awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry for her pioneering work in CRISPR gene editing.

The Background

To accommodate their rapid growth and the increasing popularity of CRISPR technology, Mammoth decided to invest in a new modern website.

They needed a project that would match the current web design and usability trends: an informative website that creates value for the visitors but does not appear cluttered.

The Challenge

Cut2Code’s task was to create a fast, responsive and interactive website with a content management system. We wanted the client dashboard to be easy to use even by people with limited technical expertise. Moreover, the website should operate at lightspeed even when it’s content-heavy.

The client aimed at a detailed and sophisticated look, well-optimized architecture and a carefully planned information hierarchy.

We took on the challenge of delivering all of the above within a very limited timeframe.

The Process

Having analyzed Mammoth’s requirements, we recommended using WordPress to power the new website. WordPress provides an intuitive admin dashboard, multiple customization options and a rich collection of plugins.

To fit into the limited timeframe, we assembled a team of six (developers, a project manager and quality specialist). The front-end and back-end developers worked side-by-side so that the HTML didn’t have to wait for the CMS, or vice versa.

This approach streamlined the project and reduced the delivery time. Then we optimized the website for best performance on all devices.

We utilized the full power of Gutenberg, a rich media editor which allows for content management using customizable rich media blocks. The blocks can be easily rearranged and styled to build all types of structures, from simple content containers to advanced interactive layouts.

The Outcome

Despite the short timeframe and quite a complex design, we delivered an optimized, elegant solution. Thanks to the team’s combined and coordinated effort, Mammoth can showcase their innovative initiatives and share their expertise.

We’re proud to serve a company that revolutionizes the modern biotech industry, and we’re happy to say that we’re currently working on an e-commerce platform for distributing Mammoth’s products.

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