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Web Maintenance

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What Does Web Maintenance Give You?

Always Up-to-date

We ensure your website stays current by updating CMS, plugins, and templates and conducting backups. Speed optimization is our priority, keeping you ahead.

Service Hours Package

Our service hours package offers dedicated support for your website. You can use your Hours Package for development work.

Monthly Custom Reports

We provide detailed reports on unique activities within your site every month. This insight helps you understand how your website develops.

Web Maintenance Time Track


Website Audit

We begin by identifying your specific needs and requirements, establishing the foundation for our service-level agreement. This initial step ensures a personalized approach to meet your business objectives.


Client Survey

Following the audit, we invite you to complete a simple survey focused on your maintenance needs. Your responses enable us to tailor a precise maintenance plan and provide an accurate quote, ensuring we meet your requirements.


Basic Maintenance

Our Basic Maintenance ensures your website runs smoothly and securely. We keep your CMS and plugins up to date, enhance security measures, and optimize site speed. This proactive approach prevents potential issues and maintains a seamless user experience.


Development Maintenance

Additionally, you receive monthly credits for developmental work on your site. Use them to create new pages or sections or improve accessibility. After each enhancement, we provide a monthly report to keep you informed of the advancements made.

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