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Check out our idea for banner design in times of an ad blindness

In times of so-called banner blindness, it is really hard to win over Internet users’ attention. Usually, they subconsciously ignore banner-like information. And ironically, the more screaming the ad is, the more invisible for users it gets. Check out our idea for creating and displaying website banners.

Tailor-made online banners mean more customers

How can you make users pay attention to your brand? First of all, remember that a good ad means a well-placed ad. If you are trying to sell fishing poles placing your online banner on a feminine portal, it will not work out. Instead, find websites that your dream target group visits and display your ads there.
But, you can go further and adjust your online banners to potential clients even better. To do this, use remarketing banners. They are mainly targetted at users who visited your page once but didn’t make a conversion. Now, you can follow them and display them your communication encouraging potential clients for coming back to your page. Remarketing can boost the conversion of online banners, as users who already know your brand are 2-3 times more likely to become your customers (WordStream).

Fewer elements mean a better effect

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said that less means more, and David Ogilvy – that good advertising sells a product and does not pay attention to itself. Your website banners should be simple for two reasons. Firstly, Internet users are not sensitive to ads anymore. So, don’t try to catch their eyes using aggressive banners.
Secondly, it is a good practice for an ad to be readable and clear. What does it mean? For example, an intuitive hierarchy of elements, copy that is instantly understood, and CTA communicating a clearly defined goal.

HTML5 banners mean effectiveness to the very end

Imagine that you used remarketing to identify your potential client. You created a simple, readable banner without using shocking colors or too many screaming elements. Your copy is emotional and exposes benefits important for the audience. The hierarchy of elements is fine and CTA encourages to click on it. There is just one but. Your website banner doesn’t display well on smartphones and tablets.
So, what to do not to end up with a well designed but badly displayed ad? Create responsive
HTML5 banners. Ads made in this technology adjust their size to available space, which means that your HTML5 banner will look good on every kind of device.
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