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Sławek and Tomek at Project Management Session

This week, the whole company was keeping fingers crossed for Sławek and Tomek who had the opportunity to appear at the Plan conference. Manage. Gain – Project Management Session 2018 organized by the Wroclaw University of Technology. Do you want to know how it went?

Crisis management in the Open Source world

Do you manage a project in the IT industry? Or maybe you are looking for developers who will be your trusted life savers? During this presentation, you will learn about good and bad project management practices in the Open Source world. How to solve problems on websites fast and effectively? How to save a website that suddenly stops working? Coordinate your team’s work and learn to act under time pressure! – That’s how the guys advertised their speech in the conference information brochure. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Wondering if it was interesting? Yes, it was!

Sławek’s and Tomek’s auditorium was about 30 people. They were mainly students of the Wroclaw University of Technology who are entering the world of project management in the IT industry.

The presentation lasted 1.5 hours and was divided into two parts. In the first – theoretical one – the guys told about the popularity of WordPress and the risks associated with it. Drawing from their own experience, they presented interesting case studies and then they taught students how to manage crises in the world of IT projects.

In the second part, Sławek and Tomek invited the group to practical exercises. The auditorium divided into four project groups was tasked with solving the crisis situation, using the methodology they learned in the first part.

The presentation was well-prepared, substantive, dynamic, and most importantly – interesting. The best confirmation of this was the activity of students and numerous questions they asked during the guys’ performance.

It the end, the organizers gave the boys diplomas that we hung on the walls in our office the very next day.

Congratulations, guys!

We hope that the whole team will have more and more opportunities to share knowledge during such events in the future.
Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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