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As promised, today’s post will be a tour of our company library. Where did the idea for it come from? And how did the grand opening go?

Founding fathers (and mothers) of the library

It all started with two early birds – Sławek and Karolina. They are people who appear in the company at the earliest, and morning talks over coffee are conducive to good ideas. After several conversations about the books they read, they decided to initiate a company library.

The idea for this venture is simple – eager employees of the company bring their industry books to the library so that it is possible to exchange them with colleagues from work. A great way to share knowledge, right? A few days after the initiative was announced, the bookcase contained over 60 books, and its resources are constantly growing.

How does the library work?

There is one valid currency in HEXE LIBRARY – candies. For each book you bring to the library you get a candy. You pay a sweetie for each borrowing. And finally – you pay one candy for every day you keep your book after the deadline.

The library has a professional catalog and its own corporate identity – logo, colors, fonts. It can, therefore, be said that HEXE LIBRARY is an independent internal brand that we will develop all together with passion in the future.

It’s high time for a short report from the grand opening of HEXE LIBRARY. Are you ready?

The grand opening – a short report from the event

The grand opening took place on May 23 at 13:00, so the event was favored by great spring weather. At the opening, employees of the entire capital group, to which we belonged, appeared. There was also a group leader, Daniel, who made a ceremonial ribbon cut.

Sławek and Karolina welcomed the audience, familiarized them with the rules of borrowing books in the library, and presented the categories of books that have already appeared on the shelves.

Special thanks were heard by people who had already managed to top up the library with their books. Thanks to them, on the opening day, the shelves were full of books.

The opening took about 10 minutes. It was a form of break at work and an opportunity to taste the small sweets that Cut2Code prepared for the opening.

We hope that the library will constantly grow and develop, and soon there will be new initiatives related to it.

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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