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We are pleased to announce a great day for our company. Well, we are starting with a company blog, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to get to know our team and business better. You will find here not only news related to our company, but also a handful of inspiration related to the broadly understood IT industry. Wonderful, right?

But let’s start from the beginning…

We are a team of not only professionals, but also web design enthusiasts. What gives us the greatest pleasure at work is to provide clients with projects that they love. And the biggest reward for our effort is not only that customers come back to us, but also that they recommend us to their friends.

More and more clients and more and more projects meant that we had to change the company’s headquarter to a larger one. 3 weeks ago we moved into a new office, which is located in the green area of Wroclaw (P.S. We obviously prefer to call Wroclaw the Polish Silicon Valley). The location of the office in a single-family house, with a charming garden and the neighborhood of beach bars, makes our projects even more inspiring!

…and get to know each other!

Our team consists of 6 people, of whom 3 joined us in the last two months. First, we welcomed Sławek on board. He is an undisputed ray of sunshine in the team – always full of optimism and energy. Sławek works as a project manager and, as you guessed, customers love him!

Cut2Code’s ranks also grew by two girls – Karolina and Andżelika. Karolina is a work-centered copywriter and Andżelika – a developer who will support the web development department in creating even more beautiful websites for our clients.

What will the future bring?

Even more people in our team! In June we will be strengthened by new developers and operations manager.

But, do not think that we care only about business. We also keep a weather eye on our personal development. How does it come? For example, through a company library. In the next post we will take you on a trip to HEXE LIBRARY – the new creative initiative of Sławek and Karolina.

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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